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Lockdown Storage Tips & Tricks

Is clutter driving you crazy? Are school books, bags and laptops taking over your home? We have gathered a list of storage ideas for your Smart Storage unit. We hope these ideas will help you create a calm and clutter-free environment while homeschooling and remote working. Check out the list below for our Top Storage Tips & Tricks.

Book Storage

Book Storage

Has there ever been a better time to take up reading? It appeared that books were going to be a thing of the past with the growth in popularity of digital eReaders. However, it seems the passion for the printed word has remained strong, with many avid readers preferring the look and feel of a printed book. Today, many interior designers have created design features with book collections, making them a stylish element of the home. Our triangular drawers are the perfect shape for storing novels as seen in the image on the left. We have styled them with bottles of wine in the taller section, but you could replace this section with taller items or A4 books.

Follow Marie Kondo’s Advice

When it comes to under stairs storage there are endless possibilities for decluttering your home. The norm is often for clothes to be stored in the bedroom or attic but….why not under the stairs? Our wardrobes are typically filled to the brim so under stairs storage provides the ideal solution for all those extra pairs of jeans, scarves, hats and more. We have followed Marie Kondo’s advice, and folded the jeans vertically to keep the drawer neat and tidy.

Marie Kondo Advice
Gym equipment storage

Make that Gym Equipment Disappear

The 2020 lockdown has seen a surge in the purchasing of home gym equipment. With restrictions on gyms, fitness fanatics have sought to create their own gyms at home. While this is a fantastic hobby, it requires a lot of equipment which can clutter your home. We have styled the drawer on the left to show how you can maximise storage of gym equipment. We tidied away a large box of protein, a foam roller, a gear bag and water bottles. Many of our customers use the large rectangular drawer for holding footballs, kit bags, sports shoes, skipping ropes, yoga mats and sports clothing.

Cleaning Crazy

The Covid-19 pandemic has also seen a large increase in the purchasing of household cleaning equipment. While it is advised that people resist stockpiling to ensure there is enough to go around, it is likely that most households will have slightly increased their purchasing of home cleaning products. This again can leave us in a storage quandary! Storing cleaning items in traditional cupboards can be cumbersome. It can be difficult to reach items at the back without knocking everything over. We like to use the triangular under stairs storage drawer for cleaning products as it is really easy to see and access every item. As demonstrated, we have been able to neatly store anything from kitchen towels to the coveted ‘Pink Stuff’!

Cleaning storage drawer

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