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Embrace the New Year Stress-Free with Under Stairs Storage

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year. It’s a time for setting goals, making resolutions, and embarking on new adventures. However, before we can fully embrace the possibilities of the future, it’s essential to clear the clutter from our past and present. This is where under stairs storage units come to the rescue, offering a practical solution to help you declutter and start the New Year with a clean slate.

Clutter Under The Stairs Smart Storage

1. Transforming Chaos into Order

The space under your stairs often becomes a catch-all for miscellaneous items, from old sports equipment to seasonal decorations, and everything in between.

The result is a cluttered mess that can be both frustrating and overwhelming. Under stairs storage units provide a structured and organised approach to tackle this common issue. By installing these units, you can transform that chaotic space into a place of order, making it easy to locate your belongings when you need them.

Clutter In Homes Smart Storage

2. Clearing Your Living Space

Clutter in your home can lead to stress and anxiety, making it challenging to relax and enjoy your living space. As the New Year approaches, it’s an ideal time to reclaim your home from clutter and create a stress-free environment.

Under stairs storage units allow you to efficiently clear your living space by providing designated areas for your belongings. You can neatly store your items, freeing up your rooms and creating a more serene living environment.

Shoe Storage Smart Storage

3. A Place for Everything

One of the primary benefits of under stairs storage is the ability to create a place for everything. These units are designed to maximise space and offer a wide range of storage solutions.

You can store shoes, coats, toys, books, or any other items that need a designated space. The versatility of these units ensures that everything has its place, and you can easily access what you need when you need it.

4. An Organised Start to the New Year

Starting the New Year with a decluttered and organised home sets a positive tone for the months ahead. Under stairs storage units make it simple to achieve this goal.

They help you declutter before or after the New Year and give you the confidence that your living space is clean, orderly, and ready for a fresh start. It’s an investment in your peace of mind and well-being.

Smart Storage Unit

5. A Stress-Free Beginning

Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety that clutter brings into your life. Under stairs storage units provide a practical and efficient solution to declutter your home, offering a stress-free beginning to the New Year. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and relief you’ll feel as you step into a well-organised, clutter-free living space.

The transition into a New Year is a perfect time to reflect, reset, and rejuvenate. Start by decluttering your home with under stairs storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to clear the chaos of the past or set the stage for a more organised future, under stairs storage units offer the convenience and functionality you need to make it happen.

Make this the year you declutter your home, and embrace the New Year with open arms and a stress-free living space, courtesy of under stairs storage solutions. To get a free quote or speak to one of our Storage Experts fill in the quote form below!


A Stress-Free Solution: Karolina’s Smart Storage Journey

Meet Karolina, a proud Smart Storage customer who embarked on a transformative journey to enhance her home’s functionality and make the most of her space. Join us as we delve into her experience, from the initial challenges to the seamless solution that Smart Storage provided.

The Joy and Stress of New Beginnings:

Moving into a new house and expecting a baby within a few weeks is undoubtedly a whirlwind of emotions. For Karolina and her family, it was a time filled with both excitement and stress. The prospect of a new chapter in their lives was thrilling, but the challenges of making their new house a comfortable and functional home loomed large.

The Storage Dilemma:

Shortly after settling into their new home, Karolina and her family realized that they were facing a storage conundrum.

The available space wasn’t meeting their needs, and they were determined to maximise every inch, especially the area under the stairs. It was clear that a creative solution was needed.

Smart Storage Social Media

Discovering Smart Storage:

Karolina’s journey to a clutter-free home took a significant turn when she stumbled upon Smart Storage on Instagram.

The company’s under stairs storage units caught her eye, sparking hope that this might be the solution they were searching for.

Smart Storage Staff

A Seamless Process:

What followed was a remarkably smooth process that epitomised ease and efficiency. Karolina and her family simply had to provide some dimensions and images of their space to initiate the transformation.

Once the information was in, Smart Storage swiftly scheduled the installation, ensuring a quick turnaround that left the family pleasantly surprised.

A Swift Transformation:

On installation day, a skilled fitter arrived, ready to bring the Smart Storage vision to life. The unit was installed with impressive speed, taking just a single day to complete.

Karolina and her family marvelled at how swiftly their storage solution was ready to use, transforming their home’s functionality.

Shoe Storage Smart Storage

A Stress-Free Experience:

Throughout the journey, from the initial inquiry to the final installation, dealing with Smart Storage was a stress-free experience for Karolina and her family.

It was a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that every step of the process was seamless and hassle-free.

Shoe Storage Smart Storage

The Promise of a Clutter-Free Future:

With their new Smart Storage unit in place, Karolina and her family are now equipped to store their household items efficiently. They look forward to a clutter-free home, enjoying the benefits of their Smart Storage solution for many years to come.

Karolina’s story is a testament to the transformative power of Smart Storage, turning challenges into opportunities and stress into delight. If you’re seeking stress-free storage solution for your home, consider following Karolina’s lead and explore the possibilities that Smart Storage can offer.

Your journey to a more organised and functional living space may be just a click away. contact us today on 01 9203956, or use the enquiry form below to leave your details and arrange a call back.


The Installation of our 3 Drawer Under Stairs Storage Unit

Are you tired of cluttered hallways and wasted space under your stairs? At Smart Storage, we believe in making the most out of every inch in your home. Today, we’ll take you through the exciting installation process of our innovative 3 Drawer Under Stairs Storage Unit, showcasing how it can transform even the tightest of spaces into functional storage solutions.

A Closer Look at the Installation:

Our journey begins in Wicklow, where one of our expert fitters was tasked with installing the 3 Drawer Under Stairs Storage Unit for a valued customer.

This remarkable unit is designed to effortlessly slide into the often-neglected area under your staircase, turning it into a practical and stylish storage solution.

Smart Storage Fitter Installing Under Stairs Storage Unit

Building the Carcass:

The installation process kicks off with the construction of the unit’s carcass. This forms the sturdy foundation upon which the drawers will be built.

Our skilled fitters take meticulous care to ensure that the unit fits seamlessly into the available space while maintaining structural integrity.

Smart Storage Under Stairs Drawers

Crafting the Drawers:

Next up, our fitter expertly creates the drawers that will become the heart of your under stairs storage. These drawers are designed not only for durability but also for smooth functionality, allowing you to access your stored items with ease.

Every component, from the robust drawer frames to the smooth-gliding runners, is subjected to exacting standards to ensure that your storage unit lats the test of time in every busy household.

Smart Storage Fitter Installing Drawers

Installing the Drawer Faces:

With the drawers ready, our fitter meticulously attaches the drawer faces. These faces are not only functional but also add an elegant touch to your storage unit, seamlessly blending with your home’s interior design.

Our under stairs units come in a sleek matte white finish. What makes our units truly versatile is the ease with which you can personalise them to complement your unique colour scheme!

Should you opt to refresh your hallway’s aesthetic down the road, you can effortlessly repaint the unit, to match your decor.

Smart Storage Drawers

A World of Possibilities:

As we take a moment to admire the completed installation, it’s remarkable to see how much can be stored within these drawers.

From shoes and biking gear to school supplies and even your favourite beverages, our 3 Drawer Under Stairs Storage Unit is a versatile solution for households of all sizes.

Under Stairs Storage 3 Drawer Unit

Tailored to Your Space:

One of the standout features of our Under Stairs Storage units is their adaptability. They can be customized to fit into even the most challenging of spaces under your stairs.

Our fitters are skilled at tailoring each installation to your unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Unlock Your Storage Potential:

Ready to transform your living space and bid farewell to clutter? The possibilities are endless with Smart Storage’s Under Stairs Storage solutions. Don’t let valuable space go to waste – contact us today on 01 9203956, or use the enquiry form below to leave your details and arrange a call back.

Experience the Smart Storage difference and discover how we can help you make the most of your living space. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organisation with Smart Storage.


How Under-Stairs Storage Can Rescue You from Summer Clutter

Summer, the glorious time of year when we soak up the sunshine and indulge in outdoor adventures. But along with the joys of the season comes a familiar challenge: clutter. Thankfully, we’ve discovered a magical solution to help you reclaim your sanity amidst the summer chaos. Enter the world of under-stairs storage, a hidden treasure offered by Smart Storage. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these clever spaces can transform your home and keep clutter at bay during the bustling summer months. Say goodbye to disorder and welcome the serenity of an organised living space!

Unlocking the Under-Stairs Oasis:

Imagine entering your living room only to be greeted by a sea of beach towels, flip-flops, and sunhats competing for space. Fear not, for under-stairs storage is here to rescue you! Smart Storage’s ingenious designs turn this often-overlooked area into an oasis of organisation. It’s like having your very own secret hideaway, designed to banish clutter and bring harmony to your home.

Summer Storage Smart Under Stairs Storage

Conquering Summer Sports Gear:

The summer months are synonymous with outdoor activities, which means an avalanche of sports gear invading your space. From cricket bats to footballs and all the inflatable pool toys in between, finding a home for these items can be a challenge. But fear not! Under-stairs storage comes to the rescue once again. With Smart Storage’s tailored solutions, you can bid farewell to the chaos of tangled tennis rackets and water guns. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with neatly stowing away your equipment, ready for your next adventure.

Golf Storage Under Stairs Storage

Stress-Free Outdoor Entertaining:

Summertime calls for delightful al fresco feasts with loved ones. However, the abundance of picnic blankets, outdoor games, and party essentials can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Enter under-stairs storage, your secret weapon against picnic panic! Smart Storage offers customizable options to fit your needs, ensuring that all your outdoor entertaining essentials are within easy reach. No more frantic searches for the corkscrew or the missing tablecloth. With under-stairs storage, you can spend more time enjoying the sunshine and creating lasting memories.

Wine Storage Smart Storage

Maintaining a Sand-Free Sanctuary:

Trips to the beach are a summer staple, but returning home with a trail of sand can quickly spoil your sanctuary. That’s where under-stairs storage comes to the rescue once more! Smart Storage provides innovative solutions to keep sand where it belongs: outside. Say goodbye to sandy floors and hello to a clean, clutter-free home. With discreet shoe racks and clever storage bins, you’ll have a designated space to shake off that pesky sand, ensuring your living space remains a tranquil retreat.

As summer’s warm embrace envelopes us, the clutter that often accompanies it need not dampen our spirits. Under-stairs storage emerges as a hero, effortlessly restoring order and tranquility to our homes. Thanks to Smart Storage’s ingenious solutions, you can bid farewell to seasonal chaos. Embrace the serenity of a well-organised living space, leaving you more time to enjoy the delights of the Irish summertime. With under-stairs storage, you can conquer clutter and revel in the joy of an uncluttered, stress-free summer.

Learn More

Ready to create a storage haven for your summer clutter, talk to us today by filling in the form below for a call back or phone us on 01 9203956 to speak to one of our Storage Experts.


Unveiling the Magic of Hidden Storage

Hallways can be tricky to keep tidy, with limited space for furniture and a multitude of items to store. But fear not, fellow neat freaks! Prepare to enter the enchanting realm of hidden storage, where functionality meets style. Today, we’ll embark on a whimsical journey alongside the storage wizards at Smart Storage as they unveil the wonders of under-stairs storage. Get ready to explore the advantages, clever ways to hide storage, and the magic of a clutter-free hallway. Let’s dive in!

Smart Storage Under Stairs Storage

Unlocking the Hidden Potential

Hallways rejoice! Hidden under-stairs storage is here to save the day. Forget about cramped closets or disorganised corners—this space beneath your stairs holds the key to unlocking a world of untapped storage potential. While some may resort to stuffing this area haphazardly, Smart Storage offers a smarter solution. Say hello to a storage unit designed to transform the under-stairs space into an organised haven with spacious drawers and tallboy compartments. Prepare to wave goodbye to clutter and embrace a world of seamless storage!

Smart Storage Unit

The Magic of Disguise

Now, let’s uncover the art of hiding storage in plain sight. While some hidden storage options may break the bank or fail to blend seamlessly into your decor, fear not! Smart Storage units are a cost-effective alternative that fits like a glove beneath your staircase. With their flat-closing drawers and magnetic push-to-open locks, these hidden gems remain unnoticed and secure. Plus, their elegant matte white finish adds a touch of luxury, and if desired, you can even paint them to match your decor. It’s like having a secret storage wizard tailor-made for your home!

Smart Storage Hallway Image

Unveiling the Open Spaces

Now, let’s tackle open under-stairs spaces yearning for a touch of enchantment. Plastic storage containers are your allies, keeping things neat and off the floor. Opt for transparent containers for easy sorting and quick access to your treasures. Feeling fancy? Adorn the space with a fabric cover in a complementary colour, creating a whimsical touch. Just be aware that this option is usually temporary and requires regular cleaning. For a more permanent solution, plywood covers can do the trick, but beware of potential clunkiness and restricted access to stacked containers. Or, why not turn decorative storage containers into a display, transforming the space into an artistic showcase?

Step into the magical realm of hidden storage, where under-stairs spaces hold secrets waiting to be discovered. With our storage units, you’ll experience the thrill of maximising storage potential while keeping your possessions organised and accessible. Say goodbye to clutter-induced stress and welcome a hallway that’s as charming as it is tidy. To unveil the enchantment of hidden storage, reach out to Smart Storage today.

Get ready to wave your wand of organisation and create a hallway that’s straight out of a fairy tale!

To learn more about our range of storage options, get in touch today. Call us on 01 9203956, or use the enquiry form below to leave your details and arrange a call back.


Our Very First Smart Storage Customer – 12 Years Later

The Smart Storage team were delighted to have the opportunity to revisit our very first under stairs storage customer recently. Back in 2010, our team installed a 3 Drawer Unit beneath the stairs in a Co. Wicklow home for Rob and his young family. We caught up with Rob twelve years later to look back on the installation and to discuss how the unit solved a storage crisis for his family.

Rob tells us, “Before we had our Smart Storage unit installed, there was a little cubby hole under the stairs with a little door. We used to throw shoes, hoovers and other things in there. It was very hard to find anything under there, there was no light and it was just a chore to get under the stairs. When we got the Smart Storage unit installed, it solved that problem immediately, it allowed us to gain access to all the little things we had under the stairs and use a dead space that was never really used.”

Back in 2010, Rob had young children and the storage unit was used mainly for school supplies and sports gear. The family’s storage needs have changed with the passing of time and the under stairs storage unit has been adaptable to their changing storage requirements. 

“When we had the unit installed twelve years ago our lifestyle was very different. We had kids in school and the unit was used to store school bags, football gear, Gaelic gear and now our lives have changed. Our daughter is seventeen now and we use it for different stuff. I even have the biggest drawer now because I’ve got the most shoes, which is great!”

We were proud to see that the Smart Storage unit has stood the test of time, and that it has been adaptable to the changing storage needs of Rob’s family over the last decade. This is a testament to the high quality product delivered by Smart Storage and showcases the longevity and versatility of a Smart Storage unit. 

From humble beginnings in 2010, we now have a global reach thanks to the support of our loyal customers. A Dragons’ Den appearance in 2012 catapulted our expansion and today, we have a network of exceptional installers operating throughout Ireland and the UK.

As a company, we continually seek improvement in product offering and service levels, and our 96% customer satisfaction rating is testament to this ethos.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for Smart Storage.

Store Shoes the Smart Way

Looking to free your hallway of footwear clutter? We have the solution!
Our practical and modern understairs storage units maximise the wasted space beneath the stairs and offer a fantastic shoe storage solution.

Smart Storage CEO Paul Jacob originally came up with the idea for understairs storage as a result of the shoe crisis in his own home.  We are all familiar with the shoe mountain that can quickly grow in any family’s home! At Smart Storage, we have made it so easy to organise all the family’s shoes. Check out our top tips for shoe storage below.

3 Drawer Under Stair Storage Unit

Shoe Storage Hacks & Ideas

1.Store the shoes you and your family wear most often in an easily accessible drawer. If you are storing children’s shoes in an understairs storage unit, ensure they are stored in the lower drawers so that they are easy to access.

2. Create built in shoe storage in the nooks and crannies around your home. An under stairs storage unit is a fantastic hidden storage solution! If your home does not have stairs, our storage benches also make a great hidden storage solution for any hallway, while also providing an attractive seating area.

Kids Storage Bench for Bay Windows and Alcoves

3. Can you ever have enough baskets? We love this drawer organisation hack by styled_by_blair. They have stored their lighter summer sandals and flip flops in these little storage baskets, helping them to maximise the space available within the storage drawer. Genius! Find out more at https://www.instagram.com/p/CQbHYXtsV57/

4. Use our optional upgrade shoe rails to create a convenient shoe shelf with the drawer. Each shoe rail is fully removable, allowing you to alter the drawer for different storage purposes as your storage needs change.

3 Drawer Under Stair Unit - Space for Vacuum Cleaners, Kids School Bags & Shoes

5.Last but not least…only keep the shoes you wear often. If you haven’t worn them in twelve months, it is usually best to donate them if suitable, or to throw them away if worn. As Marie Kondo says…only keep the items that spark joy!

Reopening & Houzz Award

We are delighted to announce that in line with Government regulations we have reopened in Ireland and are delighted to have resumed our under stairs storage installations. As always, we will be following recommended guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe.

On another positive note we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Houzz Service Award for 2021. This is our fifth year in a row winning the Houzz Service Award, having also been awarded in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We are especially proud of this year’s award as the Covid-19 pandemic presented many challenges for our business over the past 12 months. We dealt with these challenges and were delighted to resume normal operations recently thanks to the support of our wonderful installers, staff and customers. Thank you!

Recent Reviews from Our Customers

 “We’ve had our Smart Storage fitted today. The fitter arrived in the morning and started working immediately, very clean and tidy, impressive precision, really fantastic. Very friendly and nice man. He worked without any break, very hard worker! We’re absolutely thrilled with the finished product, the storage is absolutely perfect, the drawers are massive, the tall part of the storage is great and perfect size too, we love it!!!! Can’t recommend enough, the best invention ever, worth every penny!!! Thank you Smart Storage!”

“Highly professional operation. Their communication was great and the admin team are excellent to deal with. We had Stuart as our installer and he was very good, on time, clean, and did a really great job. He was a gent as well! Would really recommend this as everyone that’s seen it has says it’s the best job they’ve seen.”

“Absolutely delighted with the quality of work and look of my storage, the installer Sergio was so pleasant and friendly. Would highly recommend.”

“Absolutely delighted with my new under stairs storage unit. The whole experience was completely professional from start to finish. The fitter was excellent and not a speck of dirt left. The unit itself is of a very high standard and there is so much space. Would highly recommend Smart Storage for there excellent service. Five stars.”