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The Back to School Rush

It’s officially Back to School time! The new school year has just kicked off and brought mountains of essential back-to-school ‘stuff’ with it – school bags, coats, school books, bags, sports gear and more! We have outlined some tips below on storing the school essentials neatly in your understairs storage unit.

Storing School Essentials

Our homes have had to adapt and take on new functions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only do our homes provide us with a living environment, but they have also transformed to become a new remote office and schoolroom too.

Parents and families rejoiced when the schools reopened in the Autumn. However, many schools will no longer allow pupils to store their schoolbooks and materials at school for health and safety reasons, and many have decided not to provide lockers for the 2020 school year. This has left families struggling to store all the school essentials at home (not to mention the remote working supplies too!).

We recommend giving each child their own drawer for storing their school essentials. This helps to keep everything together and stops pencil cases, books and more from going on the missing list each morning.

Many of our customers have also painted the drawers different colours to make it more child friendly and to help smaller children identify their own storage area.

If your under stairs storage unit has a Tallboy section, we find these really useful for storing scooters, sports gear as well as coats and jackets.

We hope these tips are helpful and make the return to school a little easier.

Back to school storage