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Under Stairs

Under Stairs Storage

Under Your Stairs….Not Under Your Feet

Smart Storage’s under stairs storage units neatly store the items which traditionally clutter the hallway space from shoes and coats to toys and luggage. Our storage units require no building work and are installed in just one day by our award-winning team.

Under Stairs Storage - Maximise the Space in Your Home
3 Drawer Under Stairs Storage Unit, Open Drawers

3 Drawer Unit

Designed for Stairs with a toilet beneath

Our 3 Drawer Unit is designed specifically for stairs with a toilet underneath. The unit makes excellent use of the inaccessible space at the lower end of the staircase. It offers three large drawers, each guaranteed to hold 35kgs in weight. 

3 Drawer Tallboy Unit

Looking for even more storage space?

Our 3 Drawer Tallboy Unit offers three large drawers in addition to a Tallboy door which opens into the higher space. This unit is a great choice for hanging coats or storing sports equipment with optional clothing rails available.

3 Drawer Tallboy Unit - 3 Drawers & Tallboy Offering Additional Space

5 Drawer Unit

Perfect for stairs with a turn at the lower end

Our 5 Drawer Unit works perfectly for stairs that have a turn at the lower end. This unit offers plenty of storage space for storing everyday items such as shoes, sports gear, toys and everything in between. 

6 Drawer Unit

A popular choice for larger spaces

If you require additional storage space, our 6 Drawer Unit is an excellent option. This unit provides you with 6 large drawers, each guaranteed to hold 35kgs in weight.

Six Drawer Unit - 6 Large Drawers, Each Drawer Can Hold 35kgs
6 Drawer Tallboy - Large Storage Ideal for Sports Gear Like Golf Clubs, Ironing Boards & More

6 Drawer Tallboy Unit

Ample storage for busy lifestyles

This under stairs storage solution works perfectly for larger spaces beneath the staircase. This unit again gives you six large drawers with an additional tallboy door – a convenient space for storing ironing boards, brushes, mops and more.

6 Drawer Double Door Unit

The ultimate home storage solution

For the ultimate clutter-free home, our 6 Drawer Double Door Unit has the answer. This unit is comprised of six large drawers, meaning each family member can have their own space within the unit. The double Tallboy doors open into the space at the higher end, offering plenty of storage space for larger household items.

5 Drawer Tallboy - Large Storage Space
Single Drawer Tallboy - Under Stairs Tall Press & Single Drawer

Single Drawer Tallboy Unit

We can transform even the smallest of spaces

We can transform even the smallest of spaces with our Single Drawer or Single Drawer Tallboy Unit. The Single Drawer offers an extra-large drawer which holds an array of household clutter from vacuum cleaners to shoes. 

One Day Installation by our Approved, Local Installers

As Ireland’s largest provider of under stairs storage solutions, we are confident that we can provide a solution in a way that works for you. Choose from the comfort of having the unit installed by our award-winning team or, if you are an expert DIYer, choose from our range of flatpack options.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple! Just visit the Get a Quote section on our website and complete our form. One of our Storage Experts will be in touch to discuss your options and make recommendations for you.

Installation of our under stairs storage units takes just one day. Your expert fitter will arrive early in the morning to get started on the installation. Our smaller units take only a half-day to install. 

Our drawers are each guaranteed to hold 35kgs in weight, providing ample storage for everyday household clutter. 

Yes, that’s no problem. Our 3 drawer unit is specifically designed for houses with an understairs toilet. We can also install a Single Drawer Unit or Single Drawer Tallboy Unit depending on the available space.

No problem, we can modify our under stairs storage units to work around utilities or meters beneath the staircase while still making excellent use of the wasted space. 

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