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Our Very First Smart Storage Customer – 12 Years Later

The Smart Storage team were delighted to have the opportunity to revisit our very first under stairs storage customer recently. Back in 2010, our team installed a 3 Drawer Unit beneath the stairs in a Co. Wicklow home for Rob and his young family. We caught up with Rob twelve years later to look back on the installation and to discuss how the unit solved a storage crisis for his family.

Rob tells us, “Before we had our Smart Storage unit installed, there was a little cubby hole under the stairs with a little door. We used to throw shoes, hoovers and other things in there. It was very hard to find anything under there, there was no light and it was just a chore to get under the stairs. When we got the Smart Storage unit installed, it solved that problem immediately, it allowed us to gain access to all the little things we had under the stairs and use a dead space that was never really used.”

Back in 2010, Rob had young children and the storage unit was used mainly for school supplies and sports gear. The family’s storage needs have changed with the passing of time and the under stairs storage unit has been adaptable to their changing storage requirements. 

“When we had the unit installed twelve years ago our lifestyle was very different. We had kids in school and the unit was used to store school bags, football gear, Gaelic gear and now our lives have changed. Our daughter is seventeen now and we use it for different stuff. I even have the biggest drawer now because I’ve got the most shoes, which is great!”

We were proud to see that the Smart Storage unit has stood the test of time, and that it has been adaptable to the changing storage needs of Rob’s family over the last decade. This is a testament to the high quality product delivered by Smart Storage and showcases the longevity and versatility of a Smart Storage unit. 

From humble beginnings in 2010, we now have a global reach thanks to the support of our loyal customers. A Dragons’ Den appearance in 2012 catapulted our expansion and today, we have a network of exceptional installers operating throughout Ireland and the UK.

As a company, we continually seek improvement in product offering and service levels, and our 96% customer satisfaction rating is testament to this ethos.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for Smart Storage.