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Hope Shoebox Appeal

The Smart Storage team were delighted to take part in the Hope Shoebox Appeal for Christmas 2019. This initiative sends thousands of Christmas gifts to children across Africa and Europe. Read on to learn more about this fantastic charity.

Hope states that “Christmas is an exciting time period on both a personal and working level. It is a time spent with family, presents and overall a holiday celebrated and shared worldwide. That is why every year the Christmas Shoebox Appeal sends thousands of gift-filled shoeboxes to children in Africa and Eastern Europe. Even though Christmas is a time filled with joy and happiness it can often be a negative experience many Children affected by poverty in different ways, many come from families who have very little income, live in areas of conflict or margins of society.”

On the 15th of November 2019 each Smart Storage employee donated a shoebox filled to the brim with a variety of toys, essentials and school essentials. We loved getting involved with Team Hope as Christmas time can be very difficult for people. We are looking forward to taking part in 2020.

Check out this great charity at https://www.teamhope.ie/ to see how you can get involved!

Hope Shoebox Appeal