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Pre-Summer Declutter!

With talk that we’re in for heatwave after heatwave this summer, it’s probably a good time to consider our seasonal wardrobes, the garden and shed, the kids school items…where will it all go? Don’t stress, declutter!

Take the house room by room; decide if there’s anything that needs doing for over the next few months.

The kids will be home from school; do their rooms need a clear out? Are there old toys in the playroom taking up valuable storage space?

Kids playroom storage

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Get the kids to help over the weekend before they finish up for summer break. Ask if there’s anything they would like to donate to charity shops. There’s also an abundance of Facebook groups for buying and selling things in your locality, see do your kids want to sell any of their bits and bobs for extra pocket money.
After a good clear out, find a place for everything. Storage benches, baskets and giant buckets can work for both bedrooms and playrooms for items big and small.

School bags and books may need a home for the summer too. Don’t leave them lying around for people to trip over, it’s summer, nobody needs a reminder of school!

More time spent in the garden (hopefully!) will mean taking the garden furniture out again. Does it need a fresh lick of paint? Or maybe it’s ready for the dump. There are some fantastic DIY furniture ideas online! If you plan on chopping up your old furniture why not use it for a summer fire pit?

DIY pallet furnitureSummer DIY garden fire pit










The garden shed is another one to tackle with a clear out. Were things thrown in there for storage over winter? Do the same here as before, get rid of what’s not needed! Old bikes, Broken tools, old cans of paint… gone! Get it organised.

Tidy Garden Shed Garden Bike Shed








Seasonal wardrobes can be a difficult one, especially in Ireland and the UK. Unfortunately we can’t go from jeans and jumpers to nice summer dresses instantly. We don’t know what the weather will bring!

However, your winter coat and heavy boots, your extra thick fleece and wooly jumpers can all be packed away for at least two months (fingers crossed!)

Attic Storage kids Attic Storage







Using vacuum storage bags is a great idea if you’re short on space. Having drawers fit in to the eaves of your attic or loft space is a great way to keep things packed away but safe from any damp, mold or cold in the attic/shed.

Make some room in your wardrobe for your light shirts, flipflops and shorts, but make sure to keep some cardigans and a jacket at hand, no matter what they say about the heatwaves!